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Selena Gomez Shoe Size, Legs and Feet

Selena Gomez is known best as an actress and a singer. And she is still so young. She is currently 21 years old, but her popularity is quite high. Her relationship with Justin Bieber had ever been considered as a nice and ideal couple, even though it finally ended.

As a young starlet, Selena Gomez is very attractive and hot. She has nice and interesting body shape (see her body measurements here). In detail, she has got 165 cm height and 54 kg weight. Even though she looked not tall, but she got a proportional body. She looked cute and desirable.

Beside that, Selena also has beautiful feet and legs too. The shoe size is 7.5 (US). Some people commented that they loved Selena’s feet and legs. They see that those two parts of body looked sexy, they even wanted to touch them in any chance.

Many young ladies feel jealous on her. She has got everything in her young age. She is popular, beautiful, sexy, talented and rich.