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Paris Hilton Shoe Size, Legs and Feet


Paris Hilton is a talented entertainer, even though she is not good in acting, but in truth, she is quite popular for other roles as business women, producer and even fashion designer. Paris is actually an attractive woman. She has slim and nice body (see her body measurements here).

Talking about her body, there’s no doubt if she is known as sexy women. How is her lower body? does it look good?

Well, Paris Hilton uses a big shoe size. Its shoe size is 11 (US). It looked so big, especially for a woman. Reported by Daily Mail, Paris Hilton is listed among actresses who have big feet. And when Paris Hilton was asked about it, she revealed that she didn’t feel good with her big feet. She said that she couldn’t buy any kind of shoes that she love to wear because of the size of the feet.

According to some people, they told that Paris Hilton feet doesn’t look interesting. She only got ordinary feet. How about you? What do you think of her feet?