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Lynn Collins Shoe Size, Legs, and Feet

Beauty is a really important element of celebrity. This kind of element became the most interesting part of their lives beside the talent.

Lyn Collins is a beautiful American actress. She is known for her role in “X-Men Origins: Wolverine” and “John Carter”.

Her age is currently 36 years old. But her appearance showed that she looked more youthful.

Lyn’s appearance had attracted many people. With 173 cm of height, Lyn has a lovely legs. And most of her appearances, Lyn looked like enjoying to appear with more feminine outfit. Her curvy body, beautiful legs and sweet feet are seen clearly. Those made many people attracted and loved.

Lyn’s feet also become nice topic.  The people are impressed with the feet. The shoe size that she wears is 8 (US). It looks smooth and has nice shape. Beside that, the toes also looked very well-treated.