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Kerry Washington Shoe Size, Legs and Feet

The 37 years old actress, Kerry Washington is truly a sexy and adorable woman. Kerry  is actually very attractive woman. In 2013, she even appeared in a great movie Django Chained along side others top actors like Leonardo Di Caprio. Her sweet body shape might one of the reason why many people love her. (see her body measurements here).

She doesn’t only look attractive for her body, but also her sweet legs and feet. Kerry uses an 8 shoe size (US). It appeared sexily with nice toes on it. Whenever she appeared with sexy custom, you could see how perfect the legs she has. her feet looked smooth, it appeared without any tattoo.

Some woman might think if feet was not a special thing, but in truth, nowadays, a lot of people discuss about judging someone’s beauty with feet. Kerry might be satisfied because, She doesn’t have to have too much enhancement to get a good life. What do you have in mind??