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Keri Russell Shoe Size, Legs and Feet

Keri Russell is n American actress. She is beautiful, sexy and very attractive. Her appearance could attract a lot of people especially men (see her body measurements here).  Even though she had given birth 2 children, her body still looked good with a nice belly.

Keri Lynn Russell also looked so interesting because of her feet and legs. Those two parts of body looked like having a strong magic.  Many people impressed with the look of her legs and feet. Both of two are sexy and smooth.

Talking about her feet, she actually use a 7 shoe size (US). It’s a nice fit. It doesn’t look too big. It’s a medium size. Her feet is so smooth. We didn’t find any tattoo shaved on it. Beside that The toes and the sole also look nice. “Her feet is awesome”, said her fans.

The mother of two children might be so satisfied with her appearance. She already got complete beauty in one package.