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Kate Mara Shoe Size, Legs and Feet


Kate Mara is an American actress. She is not only talented but also attractive and hot. Her appearance made it (you can see her body measurements here). Kate Mara took a role in a successful super hero movie “Iron Man 2″. According to some fans, Kate Mara is one of dream women in America. She has got beautiful body, beautiful face, and sexy lower body (legs and feet).

The 31 years old actress looked very attractive and hot. Her sexy leg and gorgeous feet are the other point of beauty on her. Her legs looked smooth, long and nice-looking. While the shape of the feet might attract our eyes due to its beauty.

The shoe size is 6 (US). She has got cute feet with nice toes. But some people criticize that she didn’t give full attention on her nails. They thought that her nails looked dirty.

But overall, we have no doubt if she is really desirable. What do you think?