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Kate Hudson Legs Shoe Size and Feet


Kate Hudson 35, is known well as an actress. She had ever been awarded with golden globe for her talent. “Almost Famous” is the title of the movie that bring her name to the top of her career. Physically, Kate Hudson is truly attractive woman. You might see from her appearance. She has beautiful face, nice body shape, and attractive lower body (her legs and feet).

Kate Hudson whose height is 168 cm, has  a nice long legs.

The shoe size is 6.5. She has a nice small feet. The shape of the feet looked nice and attractive. The people doesn’t only talk about its beauty but also the shape of the toes on the foot too. Based on the news that spread, Kate Hudson was told having +1 toe. She got 6 toes on one foot, like Helle Berry. You might try to find out the truth by examining her feet pictures.

Beside that, she also has a small tattoo on her foot, it look like a symbol of star.