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Gabrielle Anwar Toned Pretty Legs and Feet


Beautiful seems very hard to explain since it is based on one’s perception. However Gabrielle Anwar’s legs and feet are surely most people’s perception of pretty and beautiful. Her body which is sized 34B-24-34 amazingly owned by a 44 year old celebrity. What a shocking fact that she is still in her teenage shape with those size and pretty legs. Gabrielle Anwar legs are perfectly toned in every shoot of her everywhere.

Gabrielle Anwar latest appearance makes her fans even more adore her because of her awareness to keep her body in shape. She does regular sports and good diet to get her legs and belly. Bikinis aren’t her enemy in her forties, and heels are seems to be her best friend for her 8 US feet size. Fans are now able to be closer to her by having some of her shoes used in acting career shows “Burn Notices”. Anyone? Look at how Gabrielle Anwar’s legs and feet are too tempting to be ignored!