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Britney Spears Shoe Size, Legs, and Feet

Britney Spears, the princess of Pop, is one of the most talented and popular singer that ever lived in this earth. Her great voice and stunning performance is always waited by her fans and millions of people from whole the world. Britney’s appearance also supported her career. She has a really sexy body figure with the height reached 163 cm (see her body measurements here).

Beside her curvy body she actually got sexy legs and good feet. She wears 6.5 shoe size (US). She has a small and nice feet. Among the people and fans,  Britney’s feet had become nice topic to be discussed. Some people commented that her feet looked nice and sexy, but the others criticized if she didn’t take care of her feet well.

To make her feet looked more interesting she even made tattoos on her feet including a flower symbol on the right feet and the ring with flower on the toe. hat do you have in mind about her appearance especially the feet? is it good or bad?