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Ashley Greene Shoe Size, Legs and Feet

Ashley Greene is an attractive young actress who appeared in great moviesĀ  like “Twilight”. She took a role as Alice Cullen. And she is so successful in acting her role. Ashley Greene’s look is very stunning. She nearly doesn’t have any real weakness. Her beauty is like magic that steals your attention.

How do her feet and legs look like? is it as beautiful as her body?

Well, talking about her feet and legs, Ashley Greene actually got the beautiful one. With the height which reaches 165 cm, Ashley appeared with long and sexy legs. Her smooth legs made her looked more elegant and adorable. Many women might dream to have it.

Beside her sexy legs, Ashley also has an attractive and nice feet. Ashley’s uses an 8.5 shoe size (US). “The shape is so good, but her toes looked too short”, said her fan.

To make her feet more interesting, she then carved a tattoo on her left feet. It carved in word “Lifes a Dance”. Those words might have a very meaningful definition, but unfortunately the people looked more interested in discussing about the grammatical miss than its shape.