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Angie Martinez Shoe Size Legs and Feet

Angie Martinez is an attractive former rapper and also known for her role as a radio personality. Recently she decided o resign from her job. Her age has reached 43 years old but in truth, she still looked hot and nice. E. With the height 152 cm, she appeared with a nice body shape and cute look, especially her lower body (legs and feet).

Angie Martinez has beautiful legs and good shape of feet. The shoe size that she wears is about 7 (US). The shape of he feet looked nice and smooth. Her feet looked so natural and hot. many people like it. There was no sign of tattoos on her feet.

Angie has a Puerto Rican descent. She is also  known  as The Voice of New York, due to her career. Among the radio personalities, she might be one of the most popular. And her recent decision  to resign made many people shocked. Do you feel it too?